When one chooses to convert an empty shell of a cargo van into a gear hauling
outdoor enthusiast’s home on wheels, one is faced with literally thousands of
decisions. As the industry of camper vans continues to evolve the market and
product base will gradually define itself, but for now we live in a time when one
must sift through an ocean of materials, parts, appliances, fabrics and more from
industries ranging from home improvements to RV’s to marine fabrication just to
get started on a proper conversion. This process can be exhausting and incredibly
time consuming. Inevitably forcing the user to not only ingest tons of new
information on the products but also requiring one to learn fundamental aspects of
each pieces function and or mechanical operations.
Thank you for reading this far because by doing so you have probably identified
with much, if not all, of the prior paragraph!! Adventure Van has done this hard
work for you, sifting through a mountain of materials to offer only the most finely
crafted and functional equipment available to this budding industry. Because we are
passionate about being early developers of what Europeans have been touring in for
years, Adventure Van will continue to search out and develop products that make
sense and work flawlessly so you can focus on what this lifestyle is all
about….FREEDOM! Freedom to roam, freedom to climb, ski, surf, or race down a
perfectly buffed single track at sunset knowing the beer is cold at the trailhead that
also happens to be home for the night…Adventure Van can take you there in style.
We have spent weeks away from the noise and chaos of civilization witnessing life at
the pace we determine. Having a vehicle capable of producing power, holding in
some cases weeks worth of fresh water, and providing shelter complete with every
comfort of a well appointed apartment is something that brings incomparable value
in the pursuit of finding meaning in this modern existence. In is innate in the human
spirit to need to wander. Wander farther with Adventure Van.​



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